The Greater Regina Area is a top place in Canada to start and grow a business.

The Greater Regina Area (GRA) Entrepreneurship Strategy is a homegrown collaborative action plan for current and future community partners. The strategy was built on the principles of Entrepreneurs First, Community-Based and Targeted Approach. Although created by Economic Development Regina (EDR), this is a community strategy that requires the leadership of the Council for Entrepreneurship Growth and others.

This strategy is a call to action for those who are committed to nurturing entrepreneurial success. It is a community-built road map to enhance our entrepreneurial culture and ecosystem in order to make Regina a top place to start and grow a business.

What we’re working on

There are many initiatives identified in the Strategy that are essential to strengthening our entrepreneurial ecosystem. The Council for Entrepreneurship Growth prioritized six key initiatives to focus on in 2018.

Our 2018 priorities: (read the strategy for more detail on each)

“It’s a city of opportunity. Ideas are supported. Roadblocks are removed.”


Entrepreneurs Powering the Greater Regina Area - A Community Strategy